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UK Snow

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Oh good God....Here in the UK, the snowfall and colder temperatures the UK get is very mild, then UK should be one of the the most modern and advanced countries in the planet. Why can't we be better prepared and with being the windiest countries in the world.
Like anything in this island we live in we are too slow and hopefully not too late to invest and harness what is available to us....or this country is dooooooomed.
This country needed to be more self reliant on energy, service and with manufacturing for the natives here to build more wealth and happiness. Now is needed to take action and not take 10 times longer if after. Keep modernising facilities right now very urgently or it is simply too late. No wonder UK is dropping steeply behind to the rest of the world.
Maybe we should have Solar powered lamp posts like they have in China or wind power for other means even to heat up the public main roads and footpaths where needed.
Maybe Public Transport should be more efficient aand be more modern to encourage and more appealing more commuters to use them more regularly everyday. But it must be a lot cheaper too. If this was to materialise, then everyone can benefit and not use their vehicles so often.
I strongly believe that this country is only run on greed and people who make executive decisions should have less money and have more care and passion to get this country up and running...pwering this small country to be one of the best on the globe. Just imagine if the UK was any bigger with a bigger population...mmmm I wonder what's next.

UK Snow

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aww gawd, people who say that kind of thing get on my nerves, except usually I see that kind of "why, why can't we cope?" kind of talk in the daily mail.
This year, in my area of Britain, Leicestershire, it has snowed for about 2 weeks (bloody annoying it was too), so why would we prepare for something that happens 2 weeks out of 52 a year, there is no point.

And another thing, so what if people spend a few days off work and school, to play with the kid's, go sledging, etc.

The country doesn't even stop for that long anyway, in most places but the worst affected, people took a day or two off, after that it was business as usual.

And don't mention schools, because they would've been open if people weren't so ready to sue people any time something happens to them.

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