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Great Oysters throughout History

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Y'know, I don't really care for oysters (I much prefer mussels), but I love this Entry!

Excellent stuff, Reinhard, it's going to receive special mention in the History of Food & Drink wing of h2g2 Historical Society.


Cheers, Mustapha. smiley - smiley

Great Oysters throughout History

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I haven't tried Oysters... but I liked the article, 'tis interesting and informative and no doubt many other (good) things beginning with 'i'. Intruiging, that's a good one. Indigo... er...

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Great Oysters throughout History

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Fan mail is a rare and wondrous thing.
I don't like oysters much either... I had avoided them purely for financial reasons until I was on a yacht in the vicinity of Narbonne in Southern France, and the topic came up, and I struck a deal whereby if the skipper bought some oysters, I would eat them. I should have known that he had his own contacts in the harbour, and he purchased an entire two-gallon bucket for next to nothing.
I did in fact manage to eat them all, but curiously I haven't touched them since.

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Great Oysters throughout History

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