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How Liverpool got its name.

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Every time one reads a history of Liverpool, it always starts in the same place: the granting by King John of a charter to Liverpool in 1207 -- mostly so he could send troops and supplies to Ireland.
But few mention the Vikings of 500 years before who used to raid down the West coast of England. In the 8th century, they headquartered in the Isle of Man and surged out from there to raid the the surrounding settlements. A favorite place to hit on a nearby river was a village that the Norsemen called "Hlithar-pollr" -- or "the pool of the slopes". It's an easy step from "Hlithar-pollr" to Liverpool, huh?
On the other hand, that pool they talk about had reeds or rushes growing around it called "lever". Lever and Pool, get it? Then again, there's the Anglo-Saxon word "Lither" which means "lower". So it could be: Lower-pool.
They're all likely -- but since those Vikings eventually settled along both sides of the Mersey, I'm gonna go with the Norse word: "Hlithar-pollr". Those Vikings were nasty -- but much more cool than grass at the side of a pond.

How Liverpool got its name.

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Anglo-Saxon word "Lyer pol" meaning muddy pool hence Liverpool,and, in my humble opinion, a place well worthy of a prolonged visit, just leave your pre-conceptions at home and enjoy:- be it music, food, drink, nightlife,and, second only to London, more museums, and gallerys, listed buildings than any where else in GB, to say nothing of our maritime history.And yes I am a scouser and spent 11 years in the MN.smiley - winkeye

How Liverpool got its name.

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Given all the -by suffixes for villages (i.e. Formby, Crosby, Kirby) in the region (Norse for village), It would be reasonable to summise a similar time period for the naming of Liverpool. That said, who can tell, they say don't burn your boats...the vikings did the opposite :P

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