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Exactly the information I needed. Thank you.

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Gnomon - time to move on

Glad you like it.

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On the Korean alphabet, I'm personally inclined to the 'talented amateur' model.

A committee couldn't possibly be so elegantly systematic.

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Nahuatl, the chief language of the pre-Columbian Mexicans, was used primarily for inscriptions and was written in the direction from which one would approach.

If, for example, in a corridor, from the entryway it would be right to left on one's right and left to right on one's left.

Written Nahuatl was pictographic, with pictographs combined in the form of double entendres to indicate the sounds of words not readily susceptible to pictographic depiction.

The language is still spoken in some areas of central Mexico and the pictographic system is still used by occasional enthusiasts.

Spoken Nahuatl is essential to deciphering the written form.

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