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Hmmm. These bugs don't seem to be blood suckers. At least, I've never been noticeably


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World Service Memoryshare team

Lucky you! Ow! They leave big hurty welts all over you if you leave your windows open when it's hot in the summer - admittedly not that often in the UK smiley - winkeye.


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Ah ha. The gnat referred to here is not even similar to the species found in the UK.

Where UKies have ``gnats,'' Americans have ``mosquitos.''

The American Gnat is _very_ small, and doesn't perceptably bite. It's just a miniscule black speck that occastionally bonks into your cheek or flies into your ear. It's a nuisance, but not a parasitical one.

So, this guide entry is wrong. ``Gnat'' != gnat of UK fame.

For more info, see the ``Flies'' guide entry.

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