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my wolfness

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Even if you don't beleive us it's true.
I am a wolf. smiley - fullmoon
I got killed now I am stuck in human form.
My wolf name was Kuin.
My mother was a white wolf.
That's were I got my White fur from.smiley - crescentmoon

My brother looked just like my wolf father,he was black
with crimson eyes. smiley - marssmiley - mars

There are many of my kind still out there.
Even though I look more human ,My spirit remains wolf.
My memory only comes back a little at a time.
I can still talk telephathic with animals.
And I still love the moon. smiley - moon

I really want to be back in my old body.

But none of us are crazy, and don't be ashamed.
We are who we are.
And yes the werewolf theories are true.
smiley - fullmoon

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my wolfness

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