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Werewolves under discrimination

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i may be a human and not a werwolf but i really hate vampires and id join your side anytime :D

Werewolves under discrimination

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smiley - starThank you, all us wereanimals would greatly appreciate your assitance.smiley - fullmoon

Werewolves under discrimination

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Too true... in a kinda servay thing, I asked about 200 people (196 to be exact) one person would be a werewolf- me! All the rest would be vampires because of the stupid thing in entertainment at the moment where vampires are all cool and un-evil, where werewolves are consistantly killers or just evil. Honestly People, in history vampires were NOT liked because they killed people. Werewolves were mostly considered OK, as long as they didn't try to kill people, and mostly the ones that killed were suicidel or possesed or forced to be evil by vamps using mind control. Some people even refuse to axnolige (yeah bad spelling, sorry) me because my fav animal is a wolf, and tease me 'cause I think that 'wolves are cool and vamps are evil! Humans are hard to understand- they hate the thing that helps, but love the ting that kills... Convincing ain't easy. Try spirt animals first, then fav animals, and so on. Banding together ain't gonna help either. I'm sure the govenment consirisy department will not let that happen. They keep a tab on werewolves, and other people they perseve as a thret. I guess it depends on age group. I'm sure I heard some where that the actual gene that triggers transformation doesn't happen till your 15 or summit like that...

Werewolves are the best!

PS: All werewolf things can apply to wereanimals too

PPS: is it really a good idea to tell people you're 'wolf? The government round here really seem into hushing up the vamps and prosicuting 'wolves. I may or may not be a werewolf. You have to look out for pack grammer really.smiley - winkeye

PPPS: I couldn't find a book were just the 'wolf is good either, apart from ones were the vamp saves the life ALOT of times...

PPPPS; wolves rule too!smiley - fullmoon

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