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I read this article with interest, enjoying the history and the legend. Perhaps some day I can visit that island first instead of virtually. Would too that I could learn that lovely accent!

Accent - easy...

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Is mise Duncan

1) A hard "t" becomes a "th" if it follows a vowel, hence "Computers" becomes "computhers".
2) A "th" becomes "t", especially if it starts a word hence "three" becomes "tree".
3) "Your" becomes "yer"
4) "Yes" becomes "yer"

Hope this helps.....
if not try the "Dublin English" post and see how you go from there...you'll be grand, so you will smiley - winkeye.

Accent - easy...

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Thanks, I'll keep trying. Sorta difficult for a US of A southerner to do many other accents, ours is so drawly and hard to shorten up. And mine can be awful!

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