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Telephones, The future?

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Big Geordie

So where is the humble telephone going? We have mobile phones which can do wonderful things (even wake us up in the mornings). It seems that these things are getting smaller and smaller but are restricted by the size of the battery. We have all seen on the TV that they can make a transmitter no bigger than a pin head. How about this for a theory.

A small pin head size transciever inserted into a fleshy part of the head, very fine wires connected to the main nervous system for power, at the same time connected to the optical system and the brain. Would it then be possible for a person who is fitted with this system to be able to switch it on and off by useing the thought process and also contacting other people with the same system. These people should be able to comunicate at the speed of thought and also see through the other persons eyes, and feel their emotions.

Maybe I have been watching too much Star Treck smiley - smiley

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Telephones, The future?

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