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Just curious...

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Who actually put this article together? Nice job, kudos all around, etc and so forth....

I'm wondering simply because I am listed as a contributing researcher (and am honored by that), but I have no idea who actually sat down and wrote this one.


Just curious...

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Mark Moxon

Me. smiley - smiley

(Hence my name in the Editor slot...)

Glad you like it. I also wrote most of the other ones linked to - a special exception being the recipes one, which Peta did (and did far better than I could, too).

I guess all that Floridian sunshine woke up my mojo... and in a shameless bit of self-promotion, if you like travel writing, check out http://www.moxon.net/ for my previous bits of burbling.

Just curious...

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Hullooooo Mark. Erm, Mark Sir. I mean Mr. Mark. Mr. Moxon. Umm.....

Anyway. I thought it was you who wrote the piece (based on seeing your name in the "Editor" slot), but then I noticed that a guide entry written by a friend had someone else's name in the editor slot (presumably the name of the person who did the actual editing), so I wasn't sure.

I checked out your homepage and was quite impressed by all you've done with your life, and then was dismayed to find that we are nearly the same age (only a month apart, in fact). And that made me feel a bit behind the times.

I was pleasantly surprised when I logged onto H2G2 one day and found that I had written a guide entry. I say "surprised" because I didn't RECALL writing any guide entries; but then, my mind isn't quite what it once was. smiley - winkeye. I was even more pleasantly surprised to find that it is now an "approved" guide entry. But then, it seems unlikely that you would reject your own entry!

Cheers from an American for doing what you like with your life, and thanks for including my little offhand comment about being careful in Miami in your article.

All the best,

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