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Pyjamas and Hugh Hefner

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If it were not for this saintly man and his audacity to spit in the face of accepted work attire, no one would have thought for a second that one could wear their PJ's to work!!! I think that the American pyjama industry is being kept alive solely by that 75 year old letch. I know I owe him my blue oriental-patterned silk pyjamas and matching dressing robe (bought by a very special, lovely lady who was unsatisfied with my flannel bed wear). I love the look of the silk ones, and the caressing hands they attract, by for comfort, especially on a cold, Sierra night, the flannel cannot be beat.

Thank you, Hugh!

Pyjamas and Hugh Hefner

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Researcher 195316

hi i love wearing silk pj's also
there is nowt better i have got 2 pairs 1 is white silk and the other's are green oriental style
brought by my sister wen she went to hong kong

bye sarah

Pyjamas and Hugh Hefner

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Good on you guys, I think we're all in accord; pyjamas rule.

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