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The Airport

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Is mise Duncan

They also have an international airport, but their oposition to a motorway means it is the _most_ innaccessible airport in the UK.

The Airport

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We Norwichians would welcome a motorway, or even a decent dual-carrigeway, however the Government are unaware that there is anything beyond Essex!

The Airport

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Is mise Duncan

Swings and roundabouts really - If it were easy for you to drive to London just think of all the Londoners that would drive to your neck of the woods.

Incidentally - how about a bit of biog on your home page so we can send greetings and the like? To do so, press the "Edit page" button and throw in a few soul defining bon mots...


The Airport

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Having no motorway keeps incomers out - they've already effectively destroyed most of Esex and turned it into Outer London, and got as far as Woodbridge in Suffolk (on the main rail link to London) where my locally-resident sister tells me house prices have tripled (she's OK but she's worried for her sons' future ability to buy into the village where they grew up) and native Suffolk accents are now a rarity in a town full of bloody rich Londoners. (although Sister's Liverpool Welsh, from ther Flintshire coastal belt, was rarity enough when she first moved down there)

I would assume the rail time from Norwich to London is still just too long to make it worth the while for bloody incomers from London to sod up Norwich in the same way?

Have to say I'm fond of the place - was at university there!

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