A Conversation for Richard Milhous Nixon - 37th President of the United States

The "Dumb Ray"

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Steve K.

Humor columnist Dave Barry is convinced there is a "Dumb Ray" in the attic of the White House. Thus, we have very intelligent, highly successful people get elected president, move into the Oval Office, and turn into blithering idiots. E.g., Nixon: "I know what let's do. Let's install recording equipment in the Oval Office, then sit around talking about committing felonies."
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The "Dumb Ray"

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Funny, considering how paranoid he was, that his carelessness led to his downfall.

When I get elected president, I'll be sure to not record my felony planning sessions smiley - ok And that's a promise.

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The "Dumb Ray"

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Steve K.

Ahh, but you may get some "help" from your "friends", like Gene Hackman's character in the '74 movie "The Conversation", whose " ... indifference to life extends to his attitude about his job: though he's a wiretapping genius, he accepts no responsibility for what harm his work might produce--it's merely work ..."

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