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Docu at ARTE tele.

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ARTE is a German TV station that is fully engaged with culture and art. Germany and France are the main countries of their public.

It's done like the BBC does make its programs.

In The Netherlands we can also tune in.

I must say, I hardly have ever been interested in Marilyn Monroe.

The more "star" someone is, the less interested I become.

But; I accidentally was looking at ARTE about Marylin her live and I was captured by the sheer sensitivity of the docu about the personality and stardom.

They did show sensual black and white pictures, that I'd never seen before and especially these, were excellent. They seemed almost abstract paintings.
She was dressed in black clothes,etc and her body language was far more than just sexy posing.

Its pictures got a sense of spirituality; a real content of personality and art.

In the last 30 seconds they did pay attention to her death, and right they are. She has much more to give than glossy speculations about her death.

Greetings from Amsterdam

Docu at ARTE tele.

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Opticalillusion- media mynx life would be boring without hiccups

Hi Alfredo

smiley - sorry that I've not replied to this posting of yours.

I am intrigued by this program you have watched.

love opti smiley - bluebutterfly

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