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Chandler, Arizona, USA

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Chandler, Arizona is a suburb located just to the southeast of Phoenix. A typical neighbourhood consists of rows and rows of houses, each apparently one of only five different models, and all are painted in one of five shades of desert sand. Each dwelling and its tiny plot of land is encompassed by a five to six foot tall concrete brick wall in order to prevent anyone from seeing into the five foot square back yard.

Each neighbourhood has typically formed its own small neighbourhood government, which charges residents a tax to be part of their 'association'. In return for this, each resident will receive a ticket several times a year for offences such as not putting away their garbage can by 5pm, leaving garage doors open, planting non-association approved plants in their flower beds, parking their cars in the driveway instead of putting them in the garage, or having any visible possession that is not painted one of the approved five shades of desert sand.

In addition, the temperatures in the summer months often exceed 115°F.

Despite all of these downfalls though, there are several good places to get a decent taco.

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