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Only men....

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Hey - enough, already. I think we've probably got that point covered adequately by now.
Also, '..British, European..'? So, it's OK to generalise and lump all the *other* Europeans together, but of course, *we're* different? smiley - smiley

Only men....

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Would you really have wanted me to name every European country?
And "British" is a generalisation too - after all, England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Orkeney, Shetland, Jersey, Skye, Orkney, sark, Isles of Scilly, Isle of Wight etc all have different cultures to a greater or lesser extent. Even in England there are huge differences between, say, London, Devon and Yorkshire.

Only men....

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R#35555(Dust and Lint Department)

True confession time. This morning, lathered up, waiting for the water to warm up, razor in hand, I really began to wonder, "what would I look like with just a strip of hair down the middle of my head and the rest bald?" Fortunately the water got warm at that moment and I was suitably distracted to forget about it for another day.

Only men....

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Maybe someone's hit on a fundamental human truth here. You reminded me of an old Dilbert cartoon on the subject of weird thoughts people have after extended periods of lack of human contact when telecommuting. The final (strangest) thought, under the heading of 'Don't stay alone too long' was Dilbert wondering 'What would it be like if I shaved my entire body?'

Perhaps the punk mohican-haircut thing was just the result of someone getting bored when shaving? Maybe that would explain goatees as well.

Only men....

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Penguin Girl - returned at last

Well, I'm generalized to be an American, but I'm also from Massachusetts, Middlesex County, Winchester, Brooks St. etc. There is a limit to how specific it's worth getting.

shaving sucks

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I dont like shaving, and have to keep promising my partner Ill get rid of the rapidly growing stubble day by day.
My personal method of motivating myself to shave is to have a go at it whilst in the bath or shower. This leaves it thinned but scruffy as hell, thus motivating me to do a proper job before I need to go out anywhere.

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