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The Sydney Funnel Web Spider Atrax robustus, has a great deal of folklore. Apart from the rumour you have a half an hour to live to get to Hospital to get the Anti Venom, these ugly little buggers make Aussies paranoid. You are well advised if you out in the bush around Sydney and the coast, and there is plenty of bush and forest, you should always shake your boots and clothes to avoid putting on a garment or footwear with a deadly spider attached.

I have put on clothes with a funnel web attached, and to the great amusement of my mates I ran screaming in panic around the campfire, stripped naked and chucked the offending shirt and arachnid into the fire.

It's a fact, these buggers are more effective against Primates (i.e. humans like us and our chimp cousins we never invite to dinner) than Cats and Dogs.

There is a charmingly named place out the back of Sydney beyond Warragamba dam called "Funnel Web Falls", I have never been there, because it's notoriously hard to get to, however a gully of creepy awful deadly funnelwebs, doesnt make me want to visit.

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