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Now confirmed as one of the greats of world rugby, Neil Jenkins is the current record holder for scoring the most points in international games. In a game between Wales and Samoa in the 1999 Rugby World Cup, he surpassed Michael Lynagh's1 record of 911 points.

Despite heavy criticism during most of his international career, which began as a teenager against England in 1991, Jenkins has remained an almost permanent feature on the Welsh team since he was first picked. Although he is not a great creative fly-half in the manner of Barry John or Phil Bennett, Jenkins frequently plays at full-back2, but his solid virtues command attention, and his style of play naturally fits with the flat back-line favoured by Wales' New Zealand-born coach Graham Henry.

Lynagh has said Jenkins' achievement was far greater than his own, as Jenkins played most of his games for a team, that could be described as mediocre at best.

Visit Planet Rugby for Jenkins's career statistics.

1Michael had a distinguished international career playing fly-half for Australia.2He played full-back during the Lions' victorious 1997 tour of South Africa.

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