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Interpreting Ullysses

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A froopykindaguy

Nope, sorry, didn't understand a word of this article. Maybe you could publish a cross referenced article that interprets your interpretation?

Sean (a froopykindaguy)

Interpreting Ullysses

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Shame. Have you read the book? If you haven't I dare say that the article is fairly incoprehensible, but if you have I don't see why this article should be a mystery to you. It is not particularly in-depth.

Interpreting Ullysses

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Ruaraidh (or Rory or Ross, or whatever...)

Dude! Like, you know, WO!
That is some heavy stuff, but deeply cool in an intellectual kinda way. I can relate to the guy who does not follow the artical big time, but you don't really need to hae read the book to appreciate the article, you just need to know a bit about it and its reputation. The article kind of fills you in on this, but a basis in Homeric Greek mythology might be somewhat taken for granted by some I fear.
And as to in-depth, that is a very personal thing man. Like, its all really relative, you know? In-depth is non-quantifiable like quality (see 'Zen and the art of motor cycle maintenance' for further discussion) and so you a statement like "It is not particularly in-depth." seems almost like a bit depreciatory to the other dude's opinion. What do I know though, I could not follow it for pine needles myself. Still liked it

Interpreting Ullysses

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thanks for the kind words. I didn't mean to be deprecatory about the other persons comments, all I wanted to say was that it wasn't my intention to write an incomprehensible article. I know some of it is pretty complex and a wide range of knowledge about Irish history and Homeric literature would probably make my article easier to understand, but it is difficult to read Ulysses without these bits of knowledge, and so when I came to write the piece, they just seemed to fit in well. Apologies if it comes across as a bit over-intellectual, but all the same I'm glad you liked it.

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