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Baggage kids

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LL Waz

Pointedly observed.

As a one-time baggage kid, I'd like to add that the process of hyping up the move can have considerable scope for bargaining.

Yes we will have to find a nice new home for Rogie.
smiley - wah
We'll getanother budgerigar when we get there.
smiley - wah
You can have _two_ budgerigars when we get there.

smiley - cry
... I want an aviary....

smiley - wah

Ok, we'll get an aviary.

smiley - bigeyes She wants an aviary too. We can have an aviary each! And I'll have budgies, lots of budgies, and she'll have love birds! Or finches! And we could have guinea pigs in the bottom.......

Oh yes, lots of bargaining power. To make the best of it though, you need to be prepared. Ahead of the game. Bit of listening from the stairs when you're supposed to be in bed, that sort of thing, can be very useful in allowing advance tactical planning.

Negotiations are best carried out with the transferring spouse, not the trailing one. The trailing one tends to be more astute and lessvulnerable by guilt.

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Baggage kids

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