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i have a stupid, fat Bunyip"friend"

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Hello again

I'm here 2 inform u about my friends....

As u may already know by reading my last email, i have dis really fat, annoying and ugly "thing" in our group @ school....i think its a bunyip- HONESTLY!!! no one can be dat fat and ugly!!! It's wrong! I don't even think she has a neck......it's replaced with 3 chins.....
And da other day when we were all walking 2 da library 4 SOSE, she made a stop @ da canteen......apparently her mum works there, so she got sum food from her mum......apart from her canteen, i think she's a homeless hobo....oh yeah....well there is dat cardboard box.......

Oh yeah....and i also have a dog in our grup T******......she eats chum........and Bunyip probably does as well.

(I may sound mean and heartless, but i'm not(ignore my modesty) It's just dat i really wanna get rid of dis Bunyip from our group once and for all(I'm in year 8 if ur all wondering).

If u have any suggestions plz reply.
Luv u all!(xcept for Cla....I mean Bunyip of course)smiley - wahsmiley - sadfacesmiley - wahsmiley - wahsmiley - wahsmiley - chocsmiley - chocsmiley - wahsmiley - wahsmiley - cakesmiley - wahsmiley - wahsmiley - wah(Bunyip's crying coz she can't reach da chocolate and cake )

i have a stupid, fat Bunyip"friend"

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smiley - wahhi its me again

i'm in yr 9 this year.

how cum no one's replying 2 my extremely important notices???

oh well


i have a stupid, fat Bunyip"friend"

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Because you are a barely literate prat.

SURELY someone has mentioned that before...?

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