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Entry: Bunyip - Update - A20286885
Author: Matt - U168592

An Update of The Bunyip A262289

A20286885 - Bunyip - Update

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Rudest Elf

Nice one!

Just a few typos:

Bunyip Lore 4th para 1st line: [reminiscent]

Sightings mid 5th para: [the]

Sightings mid 7th para: [frolicking]

Sightings last para 1st line: [some horsemen who were fording a river near Canberra reported seeing a Bunyip]

Sightings mid last para [throughout]

smiley - reindeer

A20286885 - Bunyip - Update

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All done and dusted, thanks once again Rudy smiley - ok

A20286885 - Bunyip - Update

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Rudest Elf

smiley - ok

A20286885 - Bunyip - Update

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I'll have to write something else now to keep you busy Rudy smiley - winkeye

A20286885 - Bunyip - Update

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Gnomon - time to move on

This looks good, Matt. I can't see anything that needs changing.

If people are happy with it, I'll put the update through.

A20286885 - Bunyip - Update

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I did leave a note for the original author, but they've not been active on site since about May last year, so not sure if there'll be a response. I've added everything I need to I think smiley - ok

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