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Overbearing mother?

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"Foreigners, on the other hand, see the US as the overbearing mother to the rest of the countries in the world. While the countries want to go play in the yard by themselves, mum is keeping a strict eye on them from the living room waiting to assert her authority at the sign of the slightest trouble. This arrogant foreign policy only leads to the US and its people being treated with derision."
Hmm, I was thinking that Overbearing mother should be replaced with Big Kid who wants only his toys to be used and demands to make all the rules. 'Mother' is sort of the wrong image for the USs relation to the world I feel. But after some thinking I see that Big Kid fails in some ways too. The best image I think, is a mixture of Big Rich Kid who only let a select few play with his toys and Pesky Neighbour Woman who comes and pulls one combatant out by an ear and only cares for her own opinion on what's wrong and right. Sometimes it's good that she breaks up a nasty fight, but it would be nice if she'd listen to us other kids once in a while before making up her mind. smiley - smiley

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