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Can't watch this film

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Mippy Mouse

I can't watch this film coz my friend's mum said it gave my firend nightmares so she told my mum not to take me to see it.

Yeah alright so I'm 29 and this advice was given to my mum when I was 4 but if anything I'm more susceptable to weepies now than I was then. I cried at the end of Terminator 2 for God's sake. I also can't watch Sapphire and Steel with out my mum coz its scary.smiley - blushsmiley - silly

Mippy Mouse smiley - smiley

Can't watch this film

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Er, even tho this is an old post, and im not sure even if anyones gonna look at this (!), let me just say that I agree. This film is WAY too sad to watch at any age in life! smiley - wah. The rabbits are just so cute, and the ones that arent are just 'orrible.

Can't watch this film

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It's not that badsmiley - erm. And there were baby rabbitssmiley - biggrin. Some of the bad rabbits were quite horrible, but Fiver was sweet and innocent and doesn't get killed.smiley - smiley

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