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Carry On London

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After the dismal Carry On England and then the much worse Emmannuelle, by 1992 a return to the original formula of the Carry On Series was well overdue. Unfortunately what everyone had failed to understand was that comedy in the U.K. had taken on a somewhat political and angy bias. When Carry On Columbus hit the Cinemas it was a return to the more traditional Carry On Film and far better than the late 70's offerings of England and Emmannuelle. What was wrong was timing. The new hip comediennes did not marry well with the surviving Carry On stars so the newer cast members particularly Julian Clarey look out of place and seem slightly uncormfortable delivering tame innuendo lines.
With the passing of time things have changed considerably, comediennes in the U.K. are no longer so political or radical and gel nicely with the big screen actors playing both comedy and drama sucessfully. The time could not be better therefore to bring back the series and develop a new Carry On Team. Carry On London promises to be extremely funny, having taken two of the most talented T.V. comedy writers almost twelve months to complete the scripts, and taking care to identify with the fans of the genre to see exactly what are their overall feelings with regard to a new film.
Athough still undergoing promotion to raise the required finance Carry On London has generated massive ammounts of publicity and already has some recognisable stars associated with the project.
I really hope that Carry On London does begin filming this year, as a big fan of the whole Carry On Genre I do see that this could be a very sucessfull and lucrative venture which will herald the return of such a well loved film series.

Carry On London

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Just one thought-
why must they try to populate these films with (perceived) big names? For instance, the notion of using David 'famous for being famous' Jason! (wether he's still involved I don't know) I'd much rather see lesser known actors, or better still known, good actors who are less associated with comedy-and more with decent acting. Do we need the tacky and frankly useless likes of 'Barry from Eastenders'? If only the cast would contain people who want to act-rather than scrape by and collect their fee.

Carry On London

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I am eargerly awaiting Carry On London and cant wait for production to start.
I agree that unknown actors or actresses who want to be in a Carry On Film because it is a Carry On Film would be far beter and bring new life to the series rather than have a collection of names of past soap stars or Big Brother contestants.
The name Carry On is the star of the film. If the script is well written and lines delivered well and the acting timed to perfection then we will have an excellent addition to a fantastic series of films.

Carry On London

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I have been desperate for this film to be made since the original announcement of May 2003.

I know the producers are currently in Cannes trying to gain further support and funding to allow for production to commence.It was encouraging to hear on the news that both Tom Hanks and Quentin Tarantino were fans of the Carry On film series which adds massive support to the project.

I am aware of some of the proposed cast which I am quite happy with, Shaun Williamson,Brian Conley,Leslie Phillips,Burt Reynolds,Jynine James but I do maintain that for a new Carry On Team to be developed they do not have to be known or mainstream actors or actresses. So long as they can deliver funny lines well and give enthusiastic comic performances to a high standard then the film, providing the script lives up to expectation,will be a massive success.What would be crucial is to include some reference or surviving cast from the previous films.

I would like to see a few of the likes of the following possibly make a cameo appearence...
Kenneth Cope
Barbara Windsor
Windsor Davies
Jackie Piper
Martin Clunes
Jack Douglas
Bernard Cribbins.

Who would you like to see in Carry On London from the previous Carry On films?

Carry On London

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Researcher 194846

Now due to start filming on 26-07-06. As near to getting underway as it ever has been over the last three years. With Shane Richie, Vinnie Jones and Victoria Silvstedt on board, how can it possibly fail?

Carry On London

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Can whoever is trying to make this cheap, tawdry load of twoddle just do us a favour and stop. no one wants to watch a load of b-list actors and wannabes running around going 'oooo errr matron' - it is not funny at all and a waste of time and money. it's had it's day when people liked cheap smutty innuendo because there was nothing else remotely amusing to watch but really, not now please, the world has MOVED ON. why not make something people want to watch?? If it gets made i really hope the actors involved really have a long think about their next career as no one will want them after this. could they not learn from Colombus?? JUST DO SOMETHING WORTHWHILE PLEASE!!! YAWN. Don't buy into this - it is being made to fill the pockets of whoever's bought the rights, it's not going to be long term and it certainly won't be any good.

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