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No, I was thinking of just what it is that you described. A 5-7-5 verse, irregardless of the language involved, is a structure, whether you like it or not. 'Classical' haiku is structured, versus the more modern, and contriversial, 'unstructured' haiku. Also a haiku is the lead 5-7-5 verse of the renga, a longer work. The imitation comes from forcing a western language into an art form meant for Japanese. As you said (after a sort), the Japanese language can fit more meaning into the the strict verse of a renga. Which is why the more modern 'unstructured' haiku has come into fashion in the West. A history lesson was not needed, but you did manage to answer my question.

And who says I ain't initiated? There have already been several greyface and sub-genius postings on this thread, so what makes you think that I'd give away anything about Eris (all hail)? Your arrogence is a little out of place, 'bubs'.

While you contrairyness is good for dischord, you cannot foster your elitist attitude upon me, 'bubs', for I know much more than you will ever credit, hence the name 'Sneaky'. Can you see the 'fnord' in sneaky? I thought not.

smiley - aliensmile

(and I left it at that, even. shows what a nice guy I am.)

Major Disorder

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I didn't say you weren't initiated, into subgenii, greyfascimile or Eristic orders. There is no Eris. There is no Greyface. There is no subgenius. There is no initiation procedure. There are no initiates. Repeat. You were not part of the initiation procedure, which does not exist, into the above orders, which do not exist. Fnord.

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