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This non beliver thing

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To not belive is surely to belive, black is white, white is black etc.
I assume most non believers are belivers in the big bang of what ever went before. What if I was to say one is the other! NO I hear you cry don't be stupid.

Well here is science bang, repicate, mutate, and so on until you get:-
large ape colonies replicating and mutating until one of the clever ape groups starts to develope conscousness and cognition or becomes first man. Then replicates with old ape lady=second man (woman) they then mate = first human child then on an on an on to today. Boring

Bible thing, 1-7 days, man, woman, holy spirit(I prefer conscousness and cognition) replication and greed (temptation through cognition) on and on and on and on to today. Boring

therfore answer to life is to be one!

This non beliver thing

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Martin Harper

a civil engineer?

This non beliver thing

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Lord Angelus

I don't mean to insult you or anything but, with regard to the color thing in your post it is stupid. Why is white white? Why black black? Because humans say so. If i went back in time and started calling the color white, green in the future white would be called green, never try to use our modern language as a basis for any argument, because it is all arbitrary.

This non beliver thing

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I think that your whole 'bible thing' is flawed, as the Fall is a story that people used to explain how they came to be where they were, thousands of years before Christ.
I say this as, not an atheist, nor an agnostic, but as someone who believes in something...
smiley - biggrin

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