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Robotron, formerly known as Robyn Graves and before that, GreyRose

My whole movie viewing life, I had never seen Citizen Kane. I just wasn't interested. Then, last semester, I took a class called Film As Literature. It was a cool class, the first movie we watched was Edward Scissorhands, and the last one was Citizen Kane. I was completely blown away.

(Before I go any further, I want to say that I'm not good at "discussing" movies. But I know a good movie when I see one. [I have to say this because I was really hurt one time in a movie chatroom, because I wasn't trying to wax intellectual.].)

Citizen Kane plays like a modern day film, but that's probably because it set all the standards, huh? I just thought it was beautifully shot, had great dialogue, and a strong message.

I also didn't know that Orsen Welles was such a good looking man.
smiley - winkeye I had always seen him either as a real old man, or in makeup from the end of Kane.

This is a really great article. I really enjoyed reading it.

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