A Conversation for Sea Monkeys - 'Artemia salina'

Seahorses eat Sea Monkeys

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Andee Monkeyhead

I was shocked to find out when I was young that the seahorses I ordered by mail came with food that turned out to be shrimp brine, to me, sea monkeys. I was a bit horrified that I was feeding sea monkeys to my sea horses. Course, the sea horses died after a few months and then I just kept the sea monkeys until they died.

But this all gives me food for thought, perhaps I need a sea monkey aquarium for my desk.

Seahorses eat Sea Monkeys

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I had a similarly traumatic epiphany-As a small child I used to drool over the ads in my comics hoping that one day I might have a sea monkey of my very own. It was only once I’d grown up and was studying zoology that I discovered that those pink bags my dad used to add to his aquarium every week contained the very creatures I longed to own- he'd been feeding them to his fish all along! smiley - wah

Seahorses eat Sea Monkeys

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noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo people on youtube say bad things about sea monkeys like i am going to feed them to my fishes or like i am going to fry them for dinner and now this smiley - wah this awfullsmiley - sadface and i think they should be proud of making sea monkeys byeeeeeeee

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