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Biological Androids

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`Bioroid` is now a common term to describe artificial persons constructed (or grown?) from biological components. This covers the replicants in Bladerunner and the artificial people in Appleseed. This term is distinguishes them from `android` which nowadays implies metal, plastic and digital sentience. The insides Bishop and Ash look rather organic although the film specified that these were androids.

Concerning cyborgs :- I suppose technically speaking anyone who wears spectacles could be classed as one. Most people expect some kind of neural interface though; There are a few real-life examples of this (Don't ask me for details.. there's the Warwick University lecturer bloke, and another bloke who had his eyesight temporarily restored. There was a cool photo of him with wires going into his head.)
Thoughts? Comments?

Biological Androids

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Sorry - the above lecturer is Kevin Warwick at Reading university - I just spotted his new book :>

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