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Model Languages - OVerlooking possibly the best known

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Ethics Gradient

When it comes to artifical languages, one cannot overlook Klingon.

Yes, its Trekkie and all, but it cannot be denied that this is a genuinely successful language.

This raises an interesting point - ALs (Artificial Languages) only succeed if there is a public interest.

Model Languages - OVerlooking possibly the best known

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No, you don't understand. (I say that a lot, it seems.) "Success" isn't getting people to speak the language for most conlangers (people who make conlangs, or constructed languages), only for auxlangers (those who create international auxiliary languages) and a few others. I'm an artlanger (one who makes languages for pleasure of creation and beauty of the language), and I have been quite successful. Yet not one of my languages has a fluent speaker, not even myself. For [most|some|a few] artlangers, success is continuing to work on a language.


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Model Languages - OVerlooking possibly the best known

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