A Conversation for Stop-motion Animation Programmes


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There was also a movie called 'The Nightmare Befoer Christmas' where Jack O'Lantern (the Easter Bunny of Halloween) decides to hijack Cristmas and replace Santa. However his plan falls to sheads when he gives children horrible scarry toys, so he gives Santa his job back.

There was also this one (that I think was in Spanish - it was a long time ago) that had origami paper ducks sailing along a river. They only said "Quack" except for when the little one sung it's song which was "Quack qu-quack quack quack, la la-la laaa."

There was also one that was drawn in sand - as in traced out with a finger. The closing song was very annoying with children singing strange sounds.

There was another one that had pink and blue plasticine balls in it. They were able to morph into any shape and even though the pink one was bigger - teh blue one always won.

There is also another show like this, except that the characters spent most of their time in humanoid shape with very long noses. There were an orange one, a blue one and a green one. The blue and gree usually ganged up on the orange one - but at the end of the 5 mins they had usually let the orange one play with them.


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The invisible leprechaun

wasn't there also one....James and the Giant Peach? i can't remember if that is the same kind of animation


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Yes! I just saw James and the Giant Peach the day before yesterday. I remembered reading this story by Rould Dauhl (sp?) as a child and the film was a real treat. Well done! smiley - smiley


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Hatman ACE

And Morph of course, you can't forget Morph....

**coming soon "Morph - The First Movie" **

it could happen...


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Morph was mentioned in teh guide entry

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