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It's probably also worthwhile noting that the much revered Mr. Thompson only made up the stories because he pretended he could speak french to get the job of translating the stories!

It was only when he realised he didn't have a chance that he made them up. And to be quite honest, it shows, especially when the 'story' suddenly ends with no apparent conclusion.

The Magic Roundabout

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mad sash

I can't believe that Charlie Chalk rates more of a write up than Bagpuss. As a child I loved that saggy old cloth cat. My daughter, called Emily (after her great-grandmother) loves the idea that once upon a time a girl called Emily had a shop. Alright, there were only 13 episodes, but those 13 played a very important part in my childhood. The brilliant thing is that my children like Bagpuss and they like The Clangers, so I am getting to relive my childhood, with the added advantage of their perspective. I now have an excuse to enjoy TV that I enjoyed thirty odd years ago.

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