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clzoomer- a bit woobly

It's been said before that if you can remember the 60's you weren't there, but a few memories have survived for me. I was only 12 in 1963 when the Beatles were a great new pop band that everyone was talking about. By 1969 when I was 17 I was thoroughly immersed in the 60's culture, bell bottom jeans, tie die, and all (and all including lots of *natural* drugs like the extremely dangerous peyote, psilosybe, and mescalin). I managed to make my way to college by 1970 where I floated through one year, then another two at another post-secondary campus. Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones (when they didn't need botox or viagra), never did see the Beatles, Yes, Bob Dylan, etc. A real, live toga party long before Animal House. Only one orgy, unfortunately. Tons of gratuitous sex before it could kill you. Six MGBs (last one ten years ago). Pyramid power and light up digital watches.

I guess the sixties ended when I got a job, got married and had kids. That would be between 1975 and 1980. Now I'm just an old fool with some befuddled memories and a strong but reasonable sense of morality and ethics. I vote left, invest right, and managed not be become a Yuppie. Oh, and btw, my children have two arms, two legs, one head, etc. each and are healthy, happy, and much smarter than me. When it came to drugs I was able to tell them enough true horror stories that they are now quite conservative. Go figure.

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I was a young mother in the sixties. I didn't really take much notice that it was the 1960s. We lost President Kennedy, Marilyn Munro and the dreadful Aberffan disaster. I think these were in the sixties.

Yes, drugs were around but on hindsight totally innocent compared with today's "wares".

my point of view is one of a person who parttook of none of the "sixties" things (Carnaby Street" and "England Swings" and "flower power") but as I remember it, everyone seemed happy and the sun always shone!! Long haired skinny young men in flowery shirts and flares gave passing strangers the sign of "love man", with multi coloured finger nails.

Vidal Sassoon and Mary Quant (Biba) and natural hairstyles accentuating the actual natural beauty of your hair. Blow up furniture. QE2. Macmillan (supermac) said you have "never had it so good" because everything was accessible to everyone. Plenty of jobs. Didn't "Hair" arrive in the sixties? Everything was "way out". What about the Austin Mini car! The Round House and Harold Wilson came along towards the end.

the bright yellow "smiley" face on everything and lucky bags for the kids and the Wimpy bars for burgers and chips. Petrol was 5/6d per gallon (30p). Crisps were 6d (two and a half pence)and lucky bags were 4d (about 2p) each. Tomatoes were 4/6d. 5/- standing charge on black taxi cabs. Trouble between mini cabs and the black cabs. Mini cabs were "mini" and their drivers had a uniforms.

They said "if you can't be with the one you love - love the one your with"!!!

I could go on.......

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You can call me TC

I was born in 1954 and remember most of the 60s as a provincial schoolgirl. We wore school uniform and never challenged that, although we did twist them round the waistbands till they were something like 9" above our knees.

And the comment on the front page, which led me to this forum, that the music in the 60s was better - PERLEASE . Herman's Hermits and the Tremeloes? Even as an 11-year-old, I realised that this can't be it.

We ate gaily coloured sweets full of chemicals and no one had allergies. In fact we post-war babies were fed National Dried Milk (I hate to think what was in that) and still didn't get allergies or suffer from it.

Of course I think those were the "good old days" because I was being looked after by my parents and had no worries.

TV was in black and white and wasn't that much better in those days either, if we are honest about it.

In many ways I'm glad we've moved on. But much of the moving on is only thanks to what people only slightly older than me actually got up to in the 60s.

Things weren't all rosy. Every era has its pros and cons.


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I was born in the Sixties. I remember The Andy Williams Show and the Bear at the end and if the truth be told, I still like listening to Andy Williams croon in the background with his mellow, middle of the road tones. The Archies, The Monkees and yes, Herman and The Hermits. Sherbet Dabs, and Jubblies, pyramids of frozen orange juice. Long, straight hair with a severe centre parting ..... Hang on, aren't all young girls wearing their hair like that today too?

My Dad had a market stall and a shop selling ladies and childrens fashion (and I use that term loosely). I had all the latest trendy clothes. Trouble was, I always felt my legs were a little chubby for hotpants (I still do!) and I loathed to wear them. I had a classic blue pair with crossover straps at the back with a BIG butterfly on the front which I wore without protest but I had this other pair that were navy blue with short sleeves and a Star Trek style turnover collar and this red 'V' inset. Ugh! I hated it but my parents, in their business like wisdom, would dress me in this ensemble and take me to the market as a little fashion model.

And who remembers Trevira! I had a purple/red two-tone dress with a mock pocket and a red silk hankie poking out over the top and another in purple/green! My fashion conscience has been scarred for life.

And you know, I forgave and I love them, man! Peace! smiley - smiley


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Hi janet,I was born in 44,the sixties were a good time to be young in,things did seem to be a great deal simpler than they are today.
But then any time to be young in has to be reasonably well recieved.

The swinging sixties were not so swinging in the more industrial areas,as the citys or large towns were.
But allmost everyone worked and recreation allways involved getting well drunk,then hitting the dance hall,followed by a large brawl with the local hard brigade if you were daft enough.

The police were much tougher on rowdy chaps,than today,and were much more respected and helped.

The music for me was the sixties,old fogies allways say this but for me it is the sound that will never be equalled,to many artists to name,but at the top the beatles and stones.

Could talk forever about this topic of the sixties,but duty calls.

Thanks for your time........

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