A Conversation for The Chuckle Brothers

whats the story with ....

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barry shaving off his moustache . Is there a deep and meaningful reason for this behaviour . I'm not alone on needing to know this surely .

whats the story with ....

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I heard he was blackmailed for some photos. They demanded he send them his moustache in a box. I heard the conversation, it went like this

blackmailer- All you have to do is get a box, put the moustache in it and send me the moustache
Barry- To you?
Blackmailer- Yes, to me
Barry- To you?
Blackmailer- To me
Barry- To you?
Blackmailer-....look I'm not messing around, just give me the moustache and I'll send the photos to you
Barry- To me?
Blackmailer- to you
Barry- To me?
Blackmailer- To you

Well it goes on like that for a while, but I think you get the idea.

He sent it in a box to a blackmailer

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