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SCUBA -Cousteau?

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Great article. Just a small point, surely Cousteau developed the regulator which became known as the aqualung rather than SCUBA itself? This was an important development that allowed deeper diving in the existing SCUBA equipment which had been developed some 4 years earlier.
There's a good history of diving at http://www.ctaz.com/~bwana/articl29.htm

SCUBA -Cousteau?

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Good point.

Do you want to make a bet as to how long it will be before the PTB's (Guidespeak for 'Powers That Be, the editorial people) find time to look at the forum entries for this (or any other) entry and update it?

SCUBA -Cousteau?

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Cousteau is generally credited as the father of scuba, though, because the aqualung made it possible for the non-commercial types to give it a shot. So it's not *entirely* incorrect...

SCUBA -Cousteau?

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However, still others will tell you that it was really Hans Hass (and his wife Lotte) who "invented" modern diving, rather than Cousteau, but the latter was a better self-publicist.

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