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Good,but basic...In my opinoin, there's a lot more to be said for stealth aircraft...though I didn't know some of that stuff about russian stealths


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US and Russian stealth tech is nice, but what about Swedish? Stealth tech is not only applicable to aeroplanes, but ships as well.
Have a look at the new toy of the Royal Swedish Navy - the Visby corvette.

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Fuzzy The Perpetually Engergized

Not sure if anyone digs this entry up much, but I'd just like to say that my father is Bill Sweetman, not sure if that rings a bell, it might, with the author, he seems to know quite a bit about stealth. Good facts though. You may want to update it a little and add something about the science of stealth, the 45 degree angles, and the speacial coating of mystery paint on the skin. Just a few ideas to keep this going,


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