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An even *worse* type of door...

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For my work experience at high school I worked in a very security-conscious company for a few weeks... the place was littered with doors which you had to remember the correct code to get through, and even worse, with doors which weren't obviously code-operated... I spent a lot of time hopelessly fiddling with the handle of one of the doors, until I worked out that every time I'd managed to open the damn thing it was because a kindly person on the other side had pressed the right button!

Even worse, I hadn't been given the code to that particular door, so I ended up still having to get through by attracting the attention of the people on the other side.


An even *worse* type of door...

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AEndr, The Mad Hatter

I worked in a place where you had to swipe to get through each main door
and the doors knew where you were
if you forgot to swipe out and then tried going back in or into another building/door they gave a hugely loud beep as if you are trying to (think of some heinous crime in the view of security blokey)

An even *worse* type of door...

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Researcher 107612

A friend of mone, and myself worked as contractors in a place with "swipe" doors and selective access based on location, day of week and time.

As a result when working late one evening, he found himself locked in the stairwell at the furthest end of the building from security etc. as the door believed that contractors did not work after 19:00 and should have all left the building.

An even *worse* type of door...

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alicat (Patron Saint of Good Taste)

Have you ever gone IN through the OUT door?smiley - fish@

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