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did this go through peer review?

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Even from the front where it talks about the story starting "A couple thousand years ago" this lackluster article does not sem to be up to the standards we usually set for edited articles. Encyclopedia britannica list the first documentary reference as 1370 BCE that would be make the town of Jebus at least 3300 years in the past.

did this go through peer review?

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I apologize if my tone is overly harsh. I still think that the first sentence in the section "The Beginning" is wrong the way it reads.
but even the best proofreaders can misss something once in a while.

did this go through peer review?

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i like the article because i am no intelectual britanicas are too heavy for me what i liked was that jerusalem attracted almost all the religions and cultures to embrace it wholeheartedly

did this go through peer review?

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Lady Pennywhistle - Back with a vengeance! [for a certain, limited value of Vengeance; actual amounts of Vengeance may vary]

Ouch! That was a bit harsh, wasn't it? Well, to answer the question in the title – yes, this did go through PR. The pre-edited version is here A2262674 in case you were wondering.
I think your confusion might come from misreading the title of the entry, which quite clearly states that this is a _very brief_ history of Jerusalem. You see, I did not _want_ to write an encyclopedia entry. I wanted to write a short summary of the history, the way somebody might tell it to a friend. As for "a couple of thousand years", I assumed that the readers will understand that I didn't mean literally two thousand years but a few thousand (especially since the introduction mentions the number 3000). I suppose that was a wrong assumption, and I'm sorry if anybody misunderstood it.

Is there anything else that you can specify that you find especially incorrect, confusing or just lackluster? I could always add a correction thread at the end to clarify such details.

Yours truly, Lady Pennywhistle.

PS - Speaking of proofreading, in your first post you accidentally missed an e in "seem", and you have an unnecessary "be" in your last sentence; in your second post, you have three s's in "miss". smiley - smiley Like you said, everybody can make mistakes.

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