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"Star" vs "Ensemble"?

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Steve K.

Interesting entry. But it seems to imply that non-auteur directors make less interesting movies.

"The strong director imposes his own personality on a film; the weak director allows the personalities of others to run rampant."

Sometimes a team effort can lead to a sum greater than the parts. An example I like is "Jaws", Speilberg's breakout movie and first big blockbuster. But when John Williams brought him some music, Speilberg said "That's it? Just dum-dum-dum ..." (the shark theme). Later Spielberg admitted the music is at least half the movie. One critic called it the most recognizeable theme on the planet - even the sharks swim around humming it.

As a parallel in acting, I prefer ensemble cast efforts to "star vehicles". A favorite is "Noises Off": Carol Burnett, Michael Caine, Julie Hagerty, John Ritter, Christopher Reeve, Nicolette Sheridan, Marilu Henner, Denholm Elliot, Mark Linn Baker ... an embarrassment of riches, but they all just added their (considerable) parts, no preening "star". And the result is hilarious, for me anyway.

So maybe letter others "run rampant" is not all bad? smiley - huh

"Star" vs "Ensemble"?

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Hey, thanks for your comment.

" Sometimes a team effort can lead to a sum greater than the parts" - personally, for what it's worth, I agree with you but the theroy kind of argues otherwise.

You cast an intresting perspective on the article - thanks for that, it makes HooToo far superiour to the 'other' online encyclopedia - but I wasn't intending to personally condone or disaprove of the theroy, merly state the facts.

Thanks again!

"Star" vs "Ensemble"?

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Steve K.

Yes, I realize that, my argument is with the "theory", or at least Mr. Sarris' statement of it. It strikes me that he wants to promote the "auteur" as superior to other directors, rather than as an (admittedly admirable at times) "alternative" to other techniques. A little strange, since I do short animations entirely by myself (a hobby). Whereas Pixar has a team of hundreds for their animations.

I've watched both. Pixar is better.

P.S. go here for some freebie Pixar short animations:


"Star" vs "Ensemble"?

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Oh I understand you now! Alot of people have the exact same issue as you do. Thanks for the link! I'll check it out, I love animation.

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