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Bye bye PDA?

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Huw B

So, "As of 9 January 2004, smartphones are outselling PDAs for the first time". Well, PDA's are still selling well but it would seem their 'death' is coming about simply because different devices are converging. Most people have a phone and comparatively few a PDA so if they get a 'PDA-phone' in their eyes it is a phone with extra functionality.
And why not have everything in one package if it's small enough? I would imagine that apart from a very limited number of applications where you want to restrict phone/web access (which can be done via software anyway) that all PDA's will be smartphones of some type in the future.

Perhaps the most notable thing about the future of PDA's is the lack of any discussion on this entry (or on other H2G2 entries on PDA's) in almost 2 years.

I have an XDA IIi and it is my friend, although more like a PDA with a phone added on rather than a smartphone. Without my PDA (or in my native Welsh, "Cledrydd") I would be lost!

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Bye bye PDA?

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