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The meaning of the New Age, I believe, goes a little bit deeper than that.
The world (mankind) has proceeded in its "old" way for a great number of milleniums. Every now and then mankind has made a progressive leap. This leap has always enriched mankind, even if afterwards there was often a fall-back, take the history of Christianity for example.
Over the milenniums man has always dreamed of the Golden Age, the Ideal Age or at least a better age. In the sixties (1956 could very well have been the initial point in time) people have begun to change. The old values weren't valuable any more, the falsehood in politics and everyday-life became appearent more clearly and people began to have a more concrete vision of a kind of new age, that they perceived to be something totally different from their present set of life and circumstances. In that time the seed for the New Age was planted.
Of course the visions had been feeble and were marked by a strong feeling that something was going to change. Out of these visions a great enthusiasm and certainty was born - with the flower children as the best known result.
As the New Age didn't quickly come about of itself the enthusiasm faded. The momentum of this initial movement even today show some results. People ARE thinking differently. But what was done then was not enough - and it still isn't enough. All the listed things (astrology, feng shui...) may be useful tools for one or another, but most often they lead to dependence, they become the thing instead of the tool that pushes you forward.
What is direly needed now is a more precise vision of what is waiting to manifest, a translation of the ideal into terrestrial life, a self-induced (not drug-induced) widening and sharpening of consciousness, a constant search for one's soul, in short - the building of a bridge, as we try to do it in Mirapuri. (I hope to write guide on Mirapuri in the near future.)

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Meaning of the New Age

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