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I would like to know please, on the subject of wasps only bothering the people who are terrified of them (like me for example). Why do they do that? Do we give off some particular scent - like 'fear'?

I used to work in a children's centre. During the summer months when we would be outside with the children, we were inundated with wasps, my colleagues could take them or leave them (the wasps not the children), but I was terrified of them. You know the score - sudden sweating, heart pounding, the urge to run away. They targetted me above all others. Even if I did run away - the evil, wicked, vile creatures would follow.

Reading through some of the comments made about wasps. I too would agree that they are evil and must be destroyed. Other creatures do similar jobs to wasps without making such a fuss about it.

So there.



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Will Jenkins (Dead)

In my opinion all wasps should be destroyed and instead the Bumble Bee population should be allowed to grow. Bumble Bees have several advantages over wasps. Thier sting hurts less. They don't sting unless really provoked. They actually make a loud buzzing noise.
William Jenkins,
Scout & Patron Saint of Tea


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Researcher 33337

I entirely agree. Wasps are of little or no use to nature and tehir job could easilly be covered by bumble bees. Still, lucky we don't get hornets eh? Not in teh U.K.

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