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Gay Flamingos adopt chick

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LL Waz

It's pink for a girl, and it's pink for a boy...


A same sex couple of male flamingos had been trying to start a family by stealing eggs (tsk).

However, their sitting skills impressed, so when an egg was abandoned they were given their chance.

I've seen discussion in various places about homosexuality in the natural world - this seemed a good place to record this. This isn't just same-sex attraction but settling down to housekeeping and child rearing together.

Gay Flamingos adopt chick

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Kerr_Avon - hunting stray apostrophes and gutting poorly parsed sentences

"Hours later the healthy chick hatched, but staff were concerned the duo would not bond with the newborn because the process normally begins when the chicks are "calling" them from inside the egg.

So the chick was carefully placed in an old eggshell, which was taped up and returned to the unsuspecting couple's empty nest. "

Bit of a pisser for the chick though. You've just expended all your energy busting out of a shell, then some bugger puts you back in one and tapes it up!

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Gay Flamingos adopt chick

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Gnomon - time to move on

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Gay Flamingos adopt chick

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Hi i hope i'll be good

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