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I wish I'd paid attention and caught this in PR.


Ah, but the southern right whale's penis may only be 8 foot long, but it's testicles weigh in at over 1000kg (157 stone) each. The sheer force of the ejaculate flushes out any residual sperm from other males.

Pigs have corkscrew penises, true - but did you know they ejaculate a pint of semen each time they have sex?

A lake-dwelling duck in Argentina has a 17" penis, (the duck itself is only 16" long). The base of the penis is covered with spines whilst the top is like a brush. The brush cleans out the old sperm whilst the spikes hold the two in place.

All birds used to have penises. Now only 3% do.

The fruit fly produces sperm that is 20 times as long as its body length. On a human scale, that would lead to sperm over 30 metres long.

Male guppy fish signal they want sex by twisting their bodies into a sigmoid posture. Basically, they form the letter 'S'.

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Gnomon - time to move on

Thanks for those, SWL!

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