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Why don't you leave?

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It seems obvious you hate the place, and have no tollerance to fellow humans, so why not leave the town and go somewhere where all the people are the same as you. (1950's Alabama for example).

A little tolerance of the desires of others goes a long way. What business is it of yours how people cut their hair, or how they dress?

Grow up!

PS with an attitude like this, how did you survive India?

Why don't you leave?

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C Hawke

I certainly have left - couldn't stand another summer fighting my way through the Sandy Bay White Trash in Tescos anymore

Why don't you leave?

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ah well done.

Why don't you leave?

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Exmouth is indeed the sad hole that everyone makes it out to be,I lived there for 15 years,but I still love the place,after moving away and visiting other areas of the UK,Exmouth seems almost Idilic.Where I live now (Chippenham,Wilsthire) is a Chav filled dump with no shops,no character,filth everywhere.If you want to get anything in this dump (Wiltshire) you have to do a minimum fifty mile round trip to get it.Even then you can't gaurantee you'll get exactly what you want.The only outlet the scum use round here for EVERYTHING is Argos,from cheap fake gold sovereign rings,to mini moto's and thumping car stereos etc.The idea of a "Good restaurant" round here is McDonalds,which is the sole diet of the local populace.

When I lived in Exmouth and ever needed anything I could WALK downtoen (about a mile and a half from my old house) and 99% of the time get what I wanted,due to the diversity of the little shops.If I couldnt for some reason get it in Exmouth it was only a 15 minute drive to Exeter (Unless it was rush hour,add 3/4 of an hour to your journry due to the 6 mile tailback at Countess Weir).Exeter has a good selection of shops including the usual high street clones.

Plymouth was only half an hour away two,with many interesting places in between like Newton Abbot,etc.The Barbican in Plymouth has some excellent nicky nacky/antique/curio shops too.

The pubs and clubs in Exmouth are all rubbish except 11a and the Beacon vaults,both are good as they dont attract the usual idiots,you can hear yourself think and the beer was consumable,unlike most of the watered down/adulterated,bleach contaminated filth served in all the other pubs.Due to the Exmouth beer watering cartel,I now suffer from Chronic pancreatitis,a disability I would not wish on my worst enemy.

The Chinese and Indian restaurants in Exmouth are superb,also Kashmiri's kebab shop in Exeter road is superb,fresh naan filled with Chicken tikka,huge lumps of chicken,georgeous!!(Despite the local rumour about the "Special gentlemen's sauce" that pop's up every other year or so.

I went to an Indian restaurant once up here in Chippenham,supposed to be the best in town,NEVER GOING THERE AGAIN.Also everything up here is vastly over inflated in price compared to Exmouth.

Also going for Exmouth is access to the open spaces,you have the Beach,Woodbury common,great for walks,mountain bike riding etc,both within walking distance.A day out trip in the Car to Dartmoor for a good walk is NOT to be missed,there are thousands of different landscapes to be found over Dartmoor,open heath,secret little valleys,tons of industrial arcaelogical sites,ancient monumnets,the list is endless,I have spent many hours wandering around Dartmoor over the years with my friends,made some really great days out.

The closest (30 miles!!) open space near me is Salisbury plain,apart from Stonehenge and a few other prehistoric sites it's an empty open space,very dull and boring.

One day I will be able to escape back to Exmouth,the only thing I dont fancy is going back to my old Doctors surgery there as it is on the top of Marlpool hill and is a killer walk up there,when your well!!


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