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Gerard Hoffnung Septuagenarian Genius by Age 20

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So few people nowadays seem ever to have heard of Mr. Hoffnung. My personal favourites in his body of work are the extemporized short interviews on BBC Radio with Charles Richardson, covering a multitude of topics from going to the movies, to collecting knives, to sports.

CR: Where do you like to swim, Mr. Hoffnung?
GH: (Cranky)Why in the water of course!
CR: (asking about his favoured method of aquatic propulsion)Do you prefer the crawl?
GH: I don't crawl. I swim!

I would almost have been willing to give up the ghost myself at 34 to be as funny and multi-talented as Mr. Hoffnung:

"I was named Gerard after an uncle... and Hoffnung after Gerard."

Gerard Hoffnung Septuagenarian Genius by Age 20

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I was born at a very early age. As a matter of fact, I was four....

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