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People flock to the beaches every 'good' day...you failed to mention that, in this area, there are only three good days a year. I lived on the shore of Lake Michigan for a full year, and I kept count. All three of them occurred consecutively in late May, and then the stifling heat and humidity arrived, along with the mosquitos, and enough pollen from the cottonwood trees to incapacitate even the least sensitive allergists.

An important point to consider

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Well then .. those are the good days to submerge yourself in water, and return to the "beach" for a beer and solar blasting. The only problem is that submerging yourself in one of the lakes might be a little unnatractive in certain regions close to big cities - then again in Montreal I always fondly remember dipping into nice cool swimming pools to wash off the super-humidity in the middle of Summer. Mind you by the time the St. Laurent/Lawrence (bilingual river) reaches Montreal, it is not suitable for bodily contact.

Up North in Ontario you will have crystal clear waters full of fish and surrounded by wild beasties, including your local friendly "beach" party animals.

In that case you would have 3 months of mostly fairly good days from June to August.

Mosquitoes can't swim and if you stink real bad they'll leave you alone.

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