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Another drink from Barr. Not as nice as Irn Bru in my opinion but still pretty memorable.

If there were any justice in the world both of these would be up there with Coke and Pepsi.


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Talking of Coke and Pepsi, I once read that Scotland is the only country in the world where Coke is readily available but is outsold by another soft drink: Irn Bru. Anyone know if that's still the case?


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Spooky... no sooner had I posted that question than I got home to read an article in the Daily Rancid confirming that for the first in their co-existence, Coke had overtaken Irn Bru as the top selling soft drink in Scotland.

A sad day indeed...

Coke vs Irn-Bru

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Researcher 193925

Surely not...
Perhaps coca-cola products have in general more sales than Irn-bru but surely they sell more irn-bru than coke?
According to Barr's annual report, Irn-bru literage was up 6% in Scotland last year.
It was also apparently "the number one grocery brand north of the border" Source: A.G. Barr p.l.c. Annual report and Accounts January 2002.

However if coke does out sell Irn-bru, It's due to the lack of availability in some parts of the country: especially in restraunts etc.
They always sell coke but rarely Irn-bru...(mcDonalds is particuarly bad for this.)

Keep drinking the Bru!

Coke vs Irn-Bru

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From a Scot and Irn Bru fanatic.
To put you right, the only reason Coca-Cola can claim to out-sell Irn Bru in Scotland is because "Coca-Cola" means the combined sales of every product produced by the Coca-Cola company, while "Irn Bru" refers to the single product of that name produced by the Barr company.
If it were a contest between the two single products, Coke and Irn Bru, you would find that the delicious orange-coloured drink far outsells its rival.
Bear in mind however, that Jack Daniels and Irn Bru just doesn't taste quite so good. (this comment was written after vast consumption of the aforementioned bourbon and brown soft drink).

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