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No fjords?

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Thats a very comprehensive article but it doesn't mention fjords - which are a part of the sea (being salt water and all).

Yet it mentions rivers and lakes which are fresh water.


No fjords?

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Florida Sailor All is well with the world

As stated in the first paragraph under the first header this subject is so vast that many other entries can and should be submitted on boh what is and is not included.

With due apology to Slartibartfast, fjords are a sub-type of 'bays' which are mentioned. Although amazing and unique the best they may have gotten here is a mere mention of their existence. This entry would have been an excellent choice for a University project, but alas it (and I) were too late for that. Even so there are hundreds if not thousands of entries that could be written to expand on both the things mentioned as well as those not listed.

I found the bare bones of this in the Flea Market and carried it through Peer Review. Much of what is covered is a direct result of questions and comments from other researchers. I can think of at least a dozen or more things that could have been added without much effort. I will not list them here as it would only give others a chance to criticize.smiley - biggrin

My greatest challenge was not what to include, but how short an entry could touch on at least the most important bits without boring the casual reader.

I am quite proud of the result and I would very much like to see a companion entry on fjords and the other subjects added to the Guide in their own right with appropriate links.

I am glad you found the entry interesting enough to comment upon and I respect your opinion. Had you mentioned it in the PR thread I probably would have added a very few words. Why not write your own companion piece or 'Challenge H2G2'

F smiley - shark S

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